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Thank you for visiting our Counseling page.  Counseling is the process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the subordinate’s demonstrated performance and potential. It is one of the most important leadership development responsibilities for Army leaders. The Army’s future and the legacy of today’s Army leaders rests on the shoulders of those they help prepare for greater responsibility.  

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What is Performance counseling?

What is Professional Growth counseling?

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What is Performance counseling?


During performance counseling, leaders conduct a review of a subordinate’s duty performance over a certain period. Simultaneously, leader and subordinate jointly establish performance objectives and standards for the next period. Rather than dwelling on the past, focus on the future: the subordinate’s strengths, areas of improvement, and potential.

Performance counseling is required under the officer, NCO, and Army civilian evaluation reporting systems. The officer evaluation report (OER) (DA Form 67-9) process requires periodic performance counseling as part of the OER Support Form requirements. Mandatory, face-to-face performance counseling between the rater and the rated NCO is required under the noncommissioned officer evaluation reporting system. (See AR 623-3). Performance evaluation for civilian employees also includes both of these requirements.

Counseling at the beginning of and during the evaluation period ensures the subordinate’s personal involvement in the evaluation process. Performance counseling communicates standards and is an opportunity for leaders to establish and clarify the expected values, attributes, and competencies. The OER support form’s coverage of leader attributes and competencies is an excellent tool for leader performance counseling. For lieutenants and junior warrant officers, the major performance objectives on the OER Support Form (DA Form 67-9-1) are used as the basis for determining the developmental tasks on the Developmental Support Form (DA Form 67-9-1A). Quarterly face-to-face performance and developmental counseling is required for these junior officers as outlined in AR 623-3. Army leaders ensure that performance objectives and standards are focused and tied to the organization’s objectives and the individual’s professional development. They should also echo the objectives on the leader’s support form as a team member’s performance contributes to mission accomplishment.

Counseling examples

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Soldier examples

o Duty Performance: Being a newly assembled squad we have not have the time to properly train in our current duty positions with equipment due to JRTC prep. As a senior SPC I expect you to take initiative with self development and working with your gun team. Just returning from your deployment from Afghanistan you will bring quite a bit of knowledge and experience to the squad that no one else has. Take advantage of this for you only get one chance to make a good first impression.
There were a couple times where I had to speak with you about being in the right place and time. This is not a good way to start out as a senior SPC. You should set an example for lower paratroopers and not take for granted that you will be promoted just because of rank and time. I expect you with your prior service and oversees time to make a big impact within the squad.

o Promotion: You are currently in your window for promotion but I do not feel you are ready for promotion. I will give you a list of task that I want you to give 100% of your ability to achieve. When I am seeing that you are making forward progress towards these, then I will send you to the promotion board.
1) Take charge and assist your team leader. You should be taking charge as a senior SPC with or without your supervisors around. This would make our unit that much stronger if you took more initiative in the absence of orders.
2) Improve your physical fitness. I know you are just returning from Afghanistan but as weapon squad we are expected to be in the best shape all around. I need you to work on your running to keep up with platoon runs. A leader no matter his age should always be in the front, leading his team, physically and mentally. Watch our battalion commander for a good example of being a physically fit leader. He will always be the first in any event.
3) Improve your tactical and technical knowledge. It is very important that you can teach, mentor and lead your men. Your fellow paratroopers should be coming to you for advice and guidance. I want you to take time and teach classes or be the one to have the team take out their ruck and rig it properly.
4) Work on your timeliness and discipline. There has been several times where you do not make it in time in the mornings or returning from lunch. I understand the gate is becoming more backed up in the mornings so you need to leave from home earlier or find another route in. When you encounter bad traffic or you know you will not make it in on time, you need to inform your chain of command ahead of time.
As for your discipline, there has been one time in general where you did not make it to the FRG meeting. When I asked you about it, you did not have an answer or the right attitude. I will continue to monitor your discipline because this is of the utmost importance to me. Any soldier in the Army must recognize his or her place within the unit. I will give you guidance and instruction, I expect you to execute to the best of your ability.

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- Make sure you mentor the other members of your team. You are the only experienced junior enlisted and your knowledge will benefit the new guys greatly.
- Continue to enforce the standards and discipline according to Army regulations.
- Be ready for the JOAX in June a week ahead of schedule i.e packing list, 2404 weapons, etc.)





o Training: During the month of January the unit continues GRF status, returned from block leave, squad STX, combined training with the Canadian army and 10-mile road march.

o Duty performance: During the month of January your performance was outstanding. Your attention to detail, accountability for your gun team and dissemination of information have improved substantially. You recently received your UCMJ action for underage drinking but in my option, I feel you have gotten stronger because of it. It definitely shows how resilient you are to take a hit and to keep soldiering.

We were able to finally get the gun teams to get in some good quality training on Sicily DZ. We found out that we have much to learn when working within the team. I understand that you have no line experience but it is our prioity to get you trained up and moved out ASAP. We all feel you will be an asset to whatever team you go to. The work you did out in the field will go a long way in the upcoming months. I am looking to you and your fellow gunner to assist in bringing the squad up to par. Our platoon is still going through a big change with our leadership. Let's not let that slow down our progress though.

The road march was a test of our mental and physical toughness. You stepped up big time encouraging and pushing our weaker paratroopers. As you know we lost half our fire power during this march. I will make it of the utmost importance to build the squad up with the appropriate personnel. If that doesn't work, then we will make every effort to bring them up to standard. Your physical fitness is still among the highest in the platoon.

Areas to improve: I will start teaching fire team battle drills so that whenever we have a member of the squad leave, then he will be ready to take a team of his own.

Upcoming events: JOAX prep, JOAX, machine gunners course, PLT STX, PLT live fires.

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o Ensure soldier read and understood the counseling

o Take more time with each task and making sure things get done right the first time

Sustains: teaching and mentoring, experience, weapon knowledge, physical fitness

Improves: time management, fire team battle drills

o Short term goals:

Short and long range marksmanship course


Ranger school

Long term goals:

Air Assualt





o Training: During the month of November the unit returned from JRTC and went right into Operational Readiness Survey (ORS), change of command, S2 classes, OICE inspection, M-4 zero range and GRS prep.

o Duty performance: The month of November was a pretty busy month with ORS. Ensure that you remember everything that took place because it should not be the last time we go through one. The entire squad worked hard on cleaning equipment, weapons, and filling out 2404's. One thing that everyone in the squad needs to do is know how to read a TM-10 and properly fill out a 2404. Attention to detail is something that you will hear me talk about over and over again.

Change of command was very quick and not as painful as it could have been. So far the new commander seems to the quite the chance of pace and hopefully for the better. Lets make sure that we continue as we did with our last commander, with him knowing that we are the best platoon in the company.

The S2 classes were long and boring but showed us that we need to work on our time management as a whole. With a three and four day weekend most of the squad still did not complete the SERE 100 training. Everyone must take more time and accomplish task as soon as possible instead of putting it off for the work day. As you saw this brought nothing but longer work days for everyone.

Look to improve: As you know, you are stepping up and taking the position of gun team leader. Pretty much the whole platoon admires your natural leadership ability. You have been doing the right things since you've been here. You have been recommended to be promoted to SPC before your peers. With this trust you need to continue doing what got you here. As a young leader still fairly new to the unit, you need to take every moment to improve your tactical and technical knowledge. I challenge you to train your men with every moment you have. You can never say you or they know too much. We now have no experienced paratroopers in weapons squad so we must all step our game up, big time.

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o Ensure soldier read and understood the counseling
o Continue to mentoring and developing PFC Smith
o Continue to work towards your short and long term goals
o Learn everything you possibly can about to M240B and using our gun team
o Make all necessary preparation for WLC such as medical and packing list

Sustains: common sense, physical fitness, motivation, punctuality, discipline, military bearing

Improves: continue to improve technical and tactical knowledge

o To help ensure you are keeping within the standards.
o To provide you with whatever means necessary to accomplish your mission.
o To guide you in the right direction to further your military career.





Your overall performance: During the month of February for the most part your performance was below average. I say below average based on others soldiers in the squad. I know you have the potential to do so much better. You need to step it up much further then what you are doing now. We have given you plenty of time off and allowed you to travel on pass. You need to still work on your motivation and become a more valuable soldier to the unit.

Physical Fitness: Your physical fitness has never been in question since your arrival to the unit. I want you to continue improving though, never take a day off of PT and always push yourself to give 100%.

Areas of concern: Continue to work on your attitude and motivation. If your back is still bothering you, then seek the help from the PA and turn in whatever medical paperwork you have from home that you presented to me. When you move to SSG Doe's squad, you need to come with a better attitude and bring something to the fight as I always say. Don't be a burden, be an asset.




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o continue to build SM tactical and technical knowledge.

o find activities outside of work to boost morale

o move to another squad because of constant back pain

Sustains: Being in the right place at the right time, responsible

Improves: Attention to detail, morale, military bearing

o Try to help assist in finding activities to improve soldiers morale




Duty performance: During the month of January your performance was average. Your were on profile for some time during the month. I understand you have issues with your back but you need to get better and back in the fight. You were not able to conduct the road march so I cannot give any feedback on that.

We were able to finally get the gun teams to get in some good quality training on Sicily DZ. We found out that we have much to learn when working within the team. You did a good job teaching how to put the gun into action. This is what I am looking for and expecting from you on a more consistent basis. It is going to take time to build up a dependable effective gunline. We have new paratroopers that have much to learn and need plenty of mentoring. You should be bringing more to the fight based on your ability to retain what you've learned and quickness to pick up things quickly.

Areas of concern: Since you have been here, you have been constantly walking around with a depressed attitude. Your morale and motivation has been low. We took some time to the side and spoke about it. You have to understand that no one made you enlist in the armed forces. We will provide what help we can for you but you must understand that you must still fulfill your obligation to the Army. Enough with the walking around sad and miserable. It's time to face your decision you made as a man and serve your time honorably.

I want you to continue improving your tactical and technical knowledge within the squad. As a PFC you should be looking at moving to SPC early. I need you to take more initiative and develop yourself into a better paratrooper and I will develop you as a leader.


Performance - For the month of September, the only major event our platoon had was a JFEX. Unfortunately, we did not participate it as we had to escort VIPs. You took this time to study up on the various weapon systems and vehicles so that you could better speak about the various instruments to your VIP. You also took the initiative and gathered the squad so that they also could better speak about this. This provided the newer members in our squad valuable knowledge and got them up to speed with our key systems. You received praise from both of your VIPs when the JFEX was over. Good job.

PT - You have never had a problem with PT. What seperates those who score a 270 vs those who receive a 300 is that the latter go to the gym on their own time. I know with the late release times we have had to get ready for this JFEX, it has been hard to go to the gym on your own time. Don't get lazy. You are being recommended for the board and a 300 will get you full promotion points.

Maintenance - Though we did not go on the JFEX, you ensured that the communication gear was ready to go. Most people would not have done this and waited till the last minute. You had brought to the attention to the armorer the humidity is causing the guns to rust. Again it is this initiative that is highly regarded at the next rank.

Self-Improvement - Though a date for you going to the board has not been set yet, start studying. Make sure that you study not only the weapon systems but the 82nd history, drill and ceremony and anything else that might be covered in the MOI.

Areas of concern: You still have much to learn when it comes to being the platoon RTO. You yourself admitted to only having a basic knowledge of operation with the ASIP. There is plenty of training that you need to conduct with your peers and PFC Joe.

You have been told repeatedly that you must clean the platoon CP everyday in the morning and before COB cleaning it and clearing the board of expired appointments, profiles, etc. Lately you have made it in on a daily basis but I want to see you doing it without being reminded.

AWOL examples

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