Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) Duty description


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27D Paralegal Specialist

Supervises the provision of paralegal services to unit commanders and staff and assist judge advocates/attorneys in providing professional paralegal services in diverse paralegal disciplines, including: organizational paralegal services (military justice, paralegal assistance, claims, administrative law, international law, operational law, and contract law); defense paralegal services; and judicial paralegal services.

20 Level

Supervises the operation of a section in a command or installation paralegal office. Provide technical guidance to subordinates. Maintain law/administrative library and section files and records. Monitors and reviews actions to ensure accuracy and timely dispatch or disposition.



30 Level

Supervises the operation of a command paralegal office. Trains and provides guidance to subordinates on complex paralegal administrative issues. Coordinate with units concerning tasking and training of paralegal specialist and noncommissioned officers. Conduct extensive paralegal research. Adjudicates personal property claims.

40 Level

Supervises the operation of an installation paralegal office or section of a major command paralegal office. Plans, task organizes, and provides logistical support to subsections. Coordinate the requisition and assignment of installation paralegal specialists/NCOs. Develops and implements installation training of paralegal specialists/NCOs.

50 Level

Supervises the operation of a major command paralegal office. Provides technical and professional guidance to and coordinates the requisition and assignment of all command wide paralegal specialists/NCO. Advise the senior judge advocate on all matters affecting paralegal specialists/NCOs. Inspects command paralegal support activities and recommends actions to correct deficiencies and improve paralegal support operations.

Additional Duties

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