Finance Duty description


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36B Financial Management Technician

Performs duties specific to the following financial management processes: budgeting, disbursing, and accounting for government funds; payment for travel and commercial vendor services; pay support of Soldiers and foreign national employees; and internal control operations.

20 Level

Verifies accuracy of commitment registers, accounting documents and data bases, disbursing reports and documents, travel vouchers, vendor payments; and pay documents. Establish and maintain pay accounts on foreign nationals.



30 Level

Supervises and prepare training to support accounting, disbursing, budget, travel, military pay, foreign national pay, internal control, and vendor services operations. Certify accuracy of accounting, budget, travel, pay, disbursing and vendor pay documents. Perform internal control inspections incompliance with various government regulations.

40 Level

Provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of those duties. Supervise financial management operations.

50 Level

Provides technical guidance to personnel in accomplishment of those duties and supervises financial management operations. Senior enlisted financial management advisors provide technical and operational advice to commanders on all matters relating to financial management. Senior enlisted financial management inspectors inspect all functions and activities of financial management.

Additional Duties

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