Combat Engineer Duty description


12B Combat Engineer

Additional Duties

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12B Combat Engineer

Combat engineers supervise, or serve, as a member of a team, squad, section, or platoon. They are engaged in providing mobility, counter-mobility and survivability support to combat forces.

2 Level

Performs basic demolition, mine warfare and combat construction operations. Operates various light and heavy engineer wheeled and tracked vehicles. Prepares, installs and primes firing systems for demolition and explosives. Arms, disarms and installs U.S. anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Locate mines and booby traps by visual, manual, mechanical, electronic, other means or through the use of a mine detection dog. Recognize booby traps, friendly and threat mines and firing devices. Installs wire obstacle material.

Serves as a Team Leader in a Combat Engineer Company assigned to ________; provides mobility, counter mobility and engineer reconnaissance; responsible for the safety, training, morale and welfare of three Soldiers; trains his team to execute Full Spectrum Engineer Operations in support of Global War on Terrorism; maintains and enforces operator level maintenance of two M113A3 Armored Personnel Carriers, one M1097 HMMWV and multiple sets, kits and outfits.





3 Level

Provides technical guidance to the Soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Supervise squad and section personnel. Direct utilization and maintenance of vehicles and equipment. Supervise the employment of unit and job site security. Prepares and issues an oral squad operation order. Conduct the maneuver of a squad in a patrol. Directs minefield installation, removal, and submits minefield reports. Supervise breaching operations. Collects data and calculates the requirement for explosives and related material. Direct construction of combat bunkers, shelters and non-explosive anti-vehicular obstacles. Conducts ground reconnaissance for roads, routes, bridges, tunnels, fords, rivers and ferries. Prepare a demolition and reconnaissance report. Directs assembly of military fixed bridges.

Serves as a Squad Leader in a Mobility Augmentation Company (MAC) in a Combat Effects Engineer Battalion with a worldwide deployment capability; provides mobility, counter mobility, and survivability support; responsible for training, discipline, counseling, morale, health and welfare of ___ Soldiers and their families; prepares the squad to execute collective task in both combat and peacetime operations; conducts force protection measures; supervises maintenance and accountability of three AVLBs, one M113A3, sets, kits, and outfits valued at over $_______.

Served as a Squad Leader in a Engineer Company (Sapper), of a (Combat Effects) Engineer Battalion; responsible for the health, welfare, morale and discipline of a five man Team; responsible for training his team in mobility, counter mobility, survivability, demolitions, general engineering skills and all warrior task and battle drills; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of one M113A3 and various Sets, Kits, and Outfits valued in excess of $_______.


4 Level

Accounts for Soldiers, material, and equipment. Supervise in mine warfare, demolition’s and combat construction operations. Calculate logistical requirements for minefields, bunkers, shelters, obstacles and wire entanglements. Enforce safety standards, field sanitation, communication procedures, security, and job specifications. Provides support for construction and tactical movements. Supervises platoon reconnaissance missions and determines the Rapid Field classification of fixed bridges. Direct employment of Wolverine, Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) and the Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE) in support of maneuver forces.

Additional Duties

Serves as the NCOIC of the Brigade Engineer Cell in a Light Infantry Brigade; advises and assists mission; responsible for daily battle tracking and reporting of engineer equipment and operations throughout the entire BCT Area of Operations; responsible for forward operating base work order submissions and maintenance; assists brigade engineer officer in charge in construction planning, scheduling, and material estimates; coordinates the preparation of operations orders, standing operating procedures and contingency plans; coordinates employment of engineer elements with adjacent units.

Served as a Company Operations Sergeant for a Sapper Company; responsible for the processing, tracking and filing of all administrative actions, and personnel and training records at the Company level; coordinated and requested all land, ammunition, training aids and resources; coordinated with adjacent and higher staffs for operational and tactical support; responsible for the accountability, safety, discipline, welfare, training and development of seven Soldiers; responsible for three tactical vehicles, sets kits and outfits, and all assigned MTOE equipment valued in excess of $______.