Chaplain Assistant Duty description


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56M Chaplain Assistant

Shapes the environment to accomplish the Commander’s Religious Support mission by providing technical expertise in religious support operations and the impact of religion on the unit and the mission. Chaplain Assistants have three core capabilities: Integrate Religious Operations, Spiritual Readiness, and Basic Human Interaction tasks into the unit mission. Chaplain Assistants integrate religious support operations in the total Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multi-National (JIIM) environment, within the operational environment (OE) at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

2 Level

Integrates UMT into tactical elements and directs small unit actions. Supervise tactical wheeled vehicle platform operations. Supervise religious support facility staff and operations. Train spiritual fitness tasks. Analyze religious data and conducts religious civil military activities. Assist in the development of religious support planning. Synchronize religious support requirements with staff elements. Coordinate for movement of the UMT by air, land, and sea. Advise senior NCO leadership on religious support issues.



3 Level

Leads subordinates in execution of religious support operations. Manage battle focused training for the UMT. Supervise communications and Operations Security (OPSEC) for religious support operations. Manage tasking in support of religious support operations. Develop the religious support plan and synchronizes religious support operations in JIIM formations across the full spectrum of operations. Supervise subordinate UMT indigenous religions analysis process. Conduct Traumatic Event Management (TEM). Trains subordinates in counseling skills. Supervise establishment of multi-purpose religious support facilities. Determine assignment strategies and force structure requirements.

4 Level

Develops plans, orders and annexes in support of Division, Corps and Theater religious support operations. Integrate personnel from other services into JIIM religious support operations. Collect, sort, and distribute religious analysis products. Plan and supervise enlisted training. Integrate, train, and validate USAR and ARNG religious support personnel and equipment during mobilization. Supervise implementation of spiritual fitness program.

5 Level

Plans, develop and supervise battle focused training for echelons above brigade. Develop plans, orders and annexes for strategic religious support in the JIIM environment. Supervise religious data management in the Joint Operations Area (JOA). Recommend policy to Army Command, DA and DOD for religious support operations. Manage force structure and assignment processes for Army Commands and echelons above brigade. Manage and update the Joint Manning Document and requisitions replacement for Joint Organizations.

Additional Duties

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