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Trainer-Mentor AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 Throughout his time in ____unit____, "name" demonstrated exceptional leadership, expertise, and professionalism while training over 8,000 Soldiers at Fort ____ in preparation for Operation ________ and Operation _________. ____"Name"____ was instrumental in everyday operations during Collective Tactical Operations Lanes by supervising and controlling the civilian role players and OPFOR personal, without any injury or loss of equipment.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __"Name"___ took charge of receiving equipment from Fort ____ to Fort ____ and helped organize the units new footprint at Fort __________. "Name" hard work and selfless service ensured a smooth transition for the unit and family members.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ unparalleled commitment and work ethic led to the completion of _#_ vehicle services and _#_ unscheduled maintenance repairs to various types of equipment. __RANK & Name__ was sought after throughout the battalion for her/his knowledge and expertise on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Her/His unwavering dedication to the mission directly contributed to the _#_% Operational Readiness Rate of the Task Force's ground equipment.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK & Name__ was selected by the company commander to serve on the Task Force Nightmare's Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) Security Force. Her/He received over 40 hours of training on the Caiman Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle which allowed her/him to be successfully licensed. __RANK & Name__ participated in Convoy, Blue Force Tracker, Duke system and radio communications training. Her/He participated in _#_ Base Reactionary Force (BRF) patrols for the DART Security Force element.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ dedication to the mission was impeccable. Her/He spent many late nights completing missions without any safety violations or any on-the-job accidents. Her/His attention to detail while working with dangerous equipment ensured the safety of everyone in the work area.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 __RANK & Name__ served as the Company Mail Handler from __Date__ to __Date__. __RANK & Name__'s personal involvement improved the morale of company Soldiers by delivering numerous packages and letters in a timely manner. Her/His positive attitude and outlook provided an excellent example for her/his peers to emulate.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __________ was selected by the Platoon Leader to be a member of the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) security force. _______________ proved to be a vital asset to the DART by serving as a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle driver. He/She demonstrated initiative, attention to detail, and dedication through countless hours of training, Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), battle drills, readiness rehearsals, and RTO classes.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ___________ played a critical role in working with Class V throughout ___________________________. He/She maintained 100% accountability of all Class V items. _______________ assisted in the transport of the battalion's ordnance to the Rearming Ammunition Point (RAP). His/Her efforts ensured the Task Force's success by providing ammunition so the battalion could conduct numerous combat operations, security, and stabilization operation missions.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 ___________ was responsible for dispensing over 10,000 flares without any incidents or damage to equipment. His/Her attention to detail impacted the Task Force by enabling twenty-four hour support operations. _______________'s dedication to the mission and willingness to accept challenges fostered a positive work environment.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ received and processed _#_ tactical vehicle, _#_ generator, and _#_ utility vehicle services in the SAMS-1E system. He/She sent vehicle statuses through interfacing with SAMS-2E daily and sent manhour reports to SAMS-2E weekly. On a monthly basis he/she assisted in the reporting of The Army Material Management System (TAMMS) to SAMS-2E. He/She was a driving force that contributed to the _#%_ Operational Readiness Rate for the battalion's ground equipment.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ___________ spearheaded the section's setup of their Prescribed Load List (PLL) office in less than 24 hours. He/She assisted in the assembly and connection of the PLL Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite and participated in the connection of _#_ SAMS-1E laptops. His/Her driven performance kept ____Echo Company ahead of the rest of the ________ Brigade in relation to their Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS) readiness upon arrival to _________________.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 ___________ received Class IX parts at the Supply and Support Activity (SSA) daily. These parts included sensitive items, Class III items and pilferaged parts. He/She received and processed parts in excess of $________ without loss. His/Her dedication was an integral part to the accomplishment of ______ Company, ____________ Battalion's mission.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ served as a key member of the ________ Brigade contracted dining facility, while assigned to __________________, providing vital combat service support to over _#_ Soldiers and Civilians to include daily LOGPAC operations supporting up to __#__ personnel a day. He/She took initiative to take corrective actions with KBR representatives to ensure the highest food service standards were maintained.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK & Name__ 's dedication to duty and desire to accomplish the mission, coupled with an intense personal pride, set his/her well above his/her peers. His/Her military bearing and commitment set the standard for others to emulate. In the absence of orders he/she took charge of the battalion satellite dining facility supporting Army, Air Force, DOD Civilians and Contractors. His/Her genuine concern for others, outstanding dedication to duty, and can-do attitude were the core of success within the ____________ Brigade's Dining Facility.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ provided assistance and military oversight to ___ contracted food service workers in performing proper receiving and storing of Class I subsistence, sanitation, food preparation, and serving. His/Her attention to detail while assigned to ________ dining facilities resulted in zero incidents throughout the _#_ month deployment.


ACHIEVEMENT #1  Serving as the company's primary supply clerk, __RANK & Name__ ordered, received, turned-in, and issued equipment shortages and supplies totaling $__________. Her/His attention to detail helped the unit maintain 100% compliance with 24 consecutive reconciliations (RECONs) and assisted with the lateral transfer and turn-in of a Theater Property Book (TPE) hand receipt valued over $_______.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _RANK & Name_ performance greatly contributed to the serviceability and accountability of the unit's equipment. His/Her hard work and dedication enabled his/her to order and issue Army Direct Ordering (ADO) to the company valued at $_________. His/Her attention to detail and safety habits enabled the section to accomplish all of its assigned missions without safety incidents or violations.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 _RANK & Name_ was an integral part of the company supply section. His/Her hard work, diligence, and selfless service were directly responsible for ensuring containers were properly inventoried and packed for the successful relocation from _________. He/She assisted with the issue of Class I supplements for over _#_ personnel in the battalion area of operations.

Company Rear Detachment Commander - SVC - AAM - Rotation

ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving as Bravo Company Rear Detachment Commander during NTC rotation 07-05, SSG ___ actively looked after the welfare of the Soldiers, their families, and the ongoing functions of the company. He was responsible for outprocessing five Soldiers, making liasons for three Red Cross message recipients, the accountability of 16 Soldiers and the company's sensitive items, and the refurbishment of the company.


End of Tour

Food Service EOT ARCOM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __"Name"____ distinguished himself/herself with his/her professionalism and competence that enabled his/her to win the Combat Aviation Brigade Food Service Soldier of the Quarter competition. ___"Name"____ has been an outstanding Soldier, his/her performance, dedication, and can-do attitude were unparalleled in the Combat Aviation Brigade's Dining Facility.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ___"Name"___ actively participated as a key member of the Combat Aviation Brigade contracted dining facility, while assigned to COS _____ and COB ________, providing vital combat service support to over 10,000 Soldiers and Civilians to include daily LOGPAC operations supporting up to 6,000 personnel a day. He/She took initiative to personally take corrective actions with the KBR representative to ensure the highest food service standards were maintained and enforced while working countless hours.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __"Name"___ provided essential assistance and military oversight to _#_ contracted food service workers in performing proper receiving and storing of Class I Subsistence, sanitation, food preparation and serving. He/Her attention to detail resulted in zero accidents or incidents throughout the 12 month deployment.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__ served as the Command Post NCOIC in ____ Company, Task Force ________ Battalion. He spearheaded the establishment of company operations immediately upon arrival to _BASE_ and to _BASE_ after our jump, enabling a seamless transition of command and control and personnel services for _#_ Soldiers. This resulted in immediate and long term success during the unit’s deployment in support of ____________.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 While assigned as the Company Training NCO, __RANK / NAME__ conducted multiple classes and training events to include OPSEC, weapons clearing, COMSEC operations, Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction, redeployment briefings, and administered over _#_ Army Physical Fitness Tests. These classes and events greatly enhanced the unit's readiness level. He gave technical assistance to instructors as needed in preparation for classes.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK / NAME__ used his prior knowledge as an 11B infantryman to develop and administer an advanced marksmanship range training in support of training objectives with outstanding results. He enforced strict standards and discipline while still maintaining high morale to ensure that his Soldiers were safe and well taken care of while they accomplished their missions. His devotion to duty and ability to perform in difficult work conditions were crucial factors contributing to the company’s overall success.

ACHIEVEMENT # 4 __RANK / NAME__ served independently as the BIAP LNO for Multi-National Division-Baghdad (MND-B) United States Division-Central (USD-C) at Baghdad International Airport. He tracked inbound and outbound Soldiers and civilians on EML, Emergency Leave,
redeployment, medical evacuations, and individual and monthly group replacements. He constantly provided replacement flight information to the S1 and Division G1 immediately upon flight arrivals and departures to and from BIAP, for necessary life support.

11B Infantryman SL- SGT - SVC - EOT - BSM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 Chosen to be a squad leader one week prior to deployment to Iraq, then Sergeant ____ immediately showed his abilities as a leader of infantrymen. He easily assumed the increased responsibilities of his new assignment and supervised the final preparations and deployment his squad. Once on the ground in Iraq, he guided his squad through the transition from light to motorized infantry while instilling in them the tactics, techniques, and procedures to fight and win a counter-insurgency.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SSG _____ took the lead in training the Iraqi National Guard in Taza, Iraq. Using his squad as an example, he taught a newly formed company the role of the NCO. His training of the Taza unit resulted in their recognition as "Best Company" in a brigade inspection, and ensured their success in combat operations in Sulayman Bak, Iraq. SSG ____'s expertise was again invaluable in forming and training the 405th Battalion of the Iraqi National Guard in An Najaf, Iraq for combat operations against the Al Mahdi Militia.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SSG ______ worked tirelessly to equip the Taza Police with new weapons and equipment, and supervised the issuance of identification cards to the entire Department. He established a working relationship with the Taza Police Chief that resulted in greater cooperation with Coalition Forces, and a higher level of security in Taza and its outlying villages.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SSG ____ prove his mettle as a combat leader in Kufa, lraq. When his PLT was engaged by insurgents with rocket propelled grenades,machine guns, and small arms, SSG ____ quickly moved his squad into position to suppress the enemy. He calmly directed his squad's fires,  and supervised the employment of two AT4 rockets that forced the enemy to abandon their positions. He then led his squad's assault to the Euphrates River, where they eliminated at least seven enemy personnel attempting to reinforce across the Kufa bridge.