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ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ received and processed _#_ tactical vehicle, _#_ generator, and _#_ utility vehicle services in the SAMS-1E system. He/She sent vehicle statuses through interfacing with SAMS-2E daily and sent manhour reports to SAMS-2E weekly. On a monthly basis he/she assisted in the reporting of The Army Material Management System (TAMMS) to SAMS-2E. He/She was a driving force that contributed to the _#%_ Operational Readiness Rate for the battalion's ground equipment.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _RANK & Name_ spearheaded the section's setup of their Prescribed Load List (PLL) office in less than 24 hours. He/She assisted in the assembly and connection of the PLL Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite and participated in the connection of _#_ SAMS-1E laptops. His/Her driven performance kept ____Echo Company ahead of the rest of the ________ Brigade in relation to their Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS) readiness upon arrival to _________________.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 _RANK & Name_ received Class IX parts at the Supply and Support Activity (SSA) daily. These parts included sensitive items, Class III items and pilferaged parts. He/She received and processed parts in excess of $________ without loss. His/Her dedication was an integral part to the accomplishment of ______ Company, ____________ Battalion's mission.

92F Petroleum Supply Specialist

92F - SVC - AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ took the initiative when leadership was not present. He/She was assigned the responsibilities of updating the POL daily status board, ensuring quality surveillance was maintained, and assisting his leadership when needed. His/Her experience in aviation operations led to his section accomplishing all assigned missions.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 As a Petroleum Supply Specialist in ____ Company, __RANK & Name__ was vital to the refuel operation for _#_ UH-60M helicopters providing air assault, counter IED, and battlefield circulation support throughout Multi-National Division- North. His/She tremendous efforts resulted in the successful distribution of over __#__ gallons of high quality JP-8.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ played an important role in water distribution for Task Force Nightmare. He/She helped maintain _#_ assigned water points that never went below _#_% stockage level. __RANK & Name__'s hard work allowed all Soldiers in Task Force Nightmare to have adequate drinking water. He/She assisted with the distribution and issue of over __#__ bottles of water during deployment.

92G Food Supply Specialist


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ served as a key member of the ________ Brigade contracted dining facility, while assigned to __________________, providing vital combat service support to over _#_ Soldiers and Civilians to include daily LOGPAC operations supporting up to __#__ personnel a day. He/She took initiative to take corrective actions with KBR representatives to ensure the highest food service standards were maintained.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK & Name__ 's dedication to duty and desire to accomplish the mission, coupled with an intense personal pride, set his/her well above his/her peers. His/Her military bearing and commitment set the standard for others to emulate. In the absence of orders he/she took charge of the battalion satellite dining facility supporting Army, Air Force, DOD Civilians and Contractors. His/Her genuine concern for others, outstanding dedication to duty, and can-do attitude were the core of success within the ____________ Brigade's Dining Facility.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ provided assistance and military oversight to ___ contracted food service workers in performing proper receiving and storing of Class I subsistence, sanitation, food preparation, and serving. His/Her attention to detail while assigned to ________ dining facilities resulted in zero incidents throughout the _#_ month deployment.

92Y Unit Supply Specialist

92Y - ACH - AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK & Name__ distinguished herself/himself through her/his excellent performance while conducting the Company's change of command in __Date__. Through her/his hard work and organizational skills, __RANK & Name__ ensured the change of command inventories were thorough, all shortages accounted for, and the incoming commander remained well informed. __RANK & Name__ assumed the responsibilities of the Supply NCO while the former Supply NCO transitioned out of the Army.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _RANK & Name__ consistently demonstrates commitment, initiative, and work ethic above her/his peers. Through her/his selfless desire to improve the company and the effectiveness of its Soldiers, __RANK & Name__ spent hours of her/his weekend personal time to requisition essential supplies from a deploying company. __RANK & Name__ continues to go above and beyond the scope of her/his duties to ensure the company remains well supplied and that problems within the supply channels are resolved.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ vigorously accepted the challenge of acting as both Company Supply NCO and Clerk. Her/His attention to detail and ability to learn quickly has allowed her/him to take on responsibilities well above her/his pay grade. __RANK & Name__'s interpersonal skills have created working relationships with other companies across the Brigade and has directly increased the influence and effectiveness of _______ Company.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 Serving as the company's primary supply clerk, __RANK & Name__ ordered, received, turned-in, and issued equipment shortages and supplies totaling $__________. Her/His attention to detail helped the unit maintain 100% compliance with 24 consecutive reconciliations (RECONs) and assisted with the lateral transfer and turn-in of a Theater Property Book (TPE) hand receipt valued over $_______.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _RANK & Name_ performance greatly contributed to the serviceability and accountability of the unit's equipment. His/Her hard work and dedication enabled his/her to order and issue Army Direct Ordering (ADO) to the company valued at $_________. His/Her attention to detail and safety habits enabled the section to accomplish all of its assigned missions without safety incidents or violations.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 _RANK & Name_ was an integral part of the company supply section. His/Her hard work, diligence, and selfless service were directly responsible for ensuring containers were properly inventoried and packed for the successful relocation from _________. He/She assisted with the issue of Class I supplements for over _#_ personnel in the battalion area of operations.