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91B Wheel Vehicle Mechanic


ACHIEVEMENT #1__RANK & Name__ unparalleled commitment and work ethic led to the completion of _#_ vehicle services and _#_ unscheduled maintenance repairs to various types of equipment. __RANK & Name__ was sought after throughout the battalion for her/his knowledge and expertise on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Her/His unwavering dedication to the mission directly contributed to the _#_% Operational Readiness Rate of the Task Force's ground equipment.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK & Name__ was selected by the company commander to serve on the Task Force Nightmare's Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) Security Force. Her/He received over 40 hours of training on the Caiman Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle which allowed her/him to be successfully licensed. __RANK & Name__ participated in Convoy, Blue Force Tracker, Duke system and radio communications training. Her/He participated in _#_ Base Reactionary Force (BRF) patrols for the DART Security Force element.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ dedication to the mission was impeccable. Her/He spent many late nights completing missions without any safety violations or any on-the-job accidents. Her/His attention to detail while working with dangerous equipment ensured the safety of everyone in the work area.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 __RANK & Name__ served as the Company Mail Handler from __Date__ to __Date__. __RANK & Name__'s personal involvement improved the morale of company Soldiers by delivering numerous packages and letters in a timely manner. Her/His positive attitude and outlook provided an excellent example for her/his peers to emulate.

91B Wheel Vehicle Mechanic - PV2 - SVC - EOT - AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 PV2 Schimdlapp played a critical role while working with Class V throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom 10-11and New Dawn. He/She consistently maintained 100% accountability of 186,000 rounds of ammunition. PVT Schimdlapp assisted in the transport of the battalion's resupply to the Rearming Ammunition Point (RAP). His/Her efforts ensured the Task Force's success by providing ammunition so the battalion could conduct numerous missions from combat security and stabilization operations to aerial gunneries.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 PV2 Schimdlapp was responsible for dispensing over 20,000 flares to the battalion's 25 UH-60M's with zero incidents or damage to equipment. He/She was vital to the distribution operation. He/She safely delivered over 100,000 rounds of small arms ammunition and flares to battalion aircraft in support of combat operations. His/Her hard work and attention to detail were impeccable, and helped enable the ammunition section to conduct twenty-four hour operations.

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SPC ________ conducted ___ HMMWV, ____ LMTV, ___ John Deere Gator and _____ Polaris services during the deployment. His/Her technical expertise aided in repairing Non-Mission Capable M978 Fuelers that were essential elements of the fueling mission provided by the Company. His/Her tireless efforts directly contributed to a 98% Operational Readiness Rate of the battalion's ground equipment.

91D Power Generation Equipment Repairer

91d-Power Generation Repairer PFC - SVC - EOT - ARCOM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 PFC ______ was essential as a Power Generation Repairer while at COB Trojan. She/He assisted in repairing deadlined generators that were assigned to the COB Trojan Air Traffic Control Tower and the Electronic Airfield Light Set (EALS). On numerous occasions PFC _____ was sought after while she/he was on his rest cycle to repair generators that were needed at these sites. She/He used her/his superb technical abilities to fix the equipment in a timely manner.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 PFC _____ was selected to serve on the Task Force Nightmare's Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) Security Force. She/He received over 40 hours of training on the Caiman Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle which allowed her/him to be successfully licensed. He participated in Base Reactionary Force (BRF) patrols for the DART Security Force element and recieved convoy, Blue Force Tracker, Duke system and radio communications training

ACHIEVEMENT #3 PFC __________ conducted 100 hours of roving guard, 337 hours of Entry Control Point guard, and 50 hours of armed escort while serving on Airfield Defense Operation Center (ADOC) from 00 May 2000 to 10 April 2001. Her/His exemplary service and dedication to duty played an integral part to the security of the Camp Ghillie Airfield.

91L Construction Equipment Repairer

91L Construction Equipment Repairer - SGT - SVC - EOT - ARCOM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SGT Schimdtlapp's technical and tactical expertise as a Construction Equipment Repairer for Task Force Nightmare contributed to its successful deployment by providing ground maintenance support to over 200 pieces of equipment. SGT Schimdtlapp performed 87 Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) inspections and supervised over 50 scheduled services. His/Her attention to detail contributed to the 98% Operational Readiness Rate for the battalion. 

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SGT Schimdtlapp was chosen over his/her peers to be a Truck Commander (TC) for the Task Force Nightmare Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) Security Force. He/She participated in training on Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicles, various counter IED systems, Blue Force Tracker (BFT), convoys, and security procedures to become proficient in all elements of the DART Security Force. He/She conducted multiple covoys and patrols with the Base Reactionary Force (BRF).

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SGT Schimdtlapp served as the Ground Vehicle Recovery NCOIC while on COS Taji. He/She was pivotal to the unscheduled repair and maintenance of 3-1 Assault Helicopter Battalion equipment. He/She maintained accountability of his/her Soldiers, their equipment, and assigned weapons in a harsh environment. SGT Schimdtlapp also conducted one electrical safety class during the Battalion's Safety Stand Down Day and four Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) specific classes.