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SVC MSM Motor Sergeant

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__ 's technical expertise allowed for the swift repair of _#_ pieces of equipment.  He performed over _#_ QA/QC's and technical inspections on numerous pieces of equipment to include scheduled and unscheduled services.  He often worked well into the night to ensure that all deadlined vehicles were repaired in a timely manner.  His actions directly contributed to the battalion's ability to maintain an Operational Readiness Rate of _#_%.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK / NAME__ completed the AMMO-62 class with a _#_% average while in theater, certifying him to be a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Certifier.  He single handedly certified Task Force Nightmare's HAZMAT containers during its intra-theater relocation from _BASE_ to _BASE_, in order to support the redesigned and enhanced Combat Aviation Brigade. 

ACHIEVEMENT #3 As the ____ Company, __________ Battalion Shop Foreman, __RANK / NAME__ demonstrated great leadership and loyalty by assisting the Maintenance Platoon Sergeant and Battalion Motor Sergeant with various maintenance and servicing issues totaling _#_ services and the repair of _#_ Polaris' and _#_ Gators.  

SVC MSM Senior Food Operations Sergeant

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__ distinguished himself by his exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as the _________ Battalion Senior Food Operations Sergeant. His monumental leadership and technical expertise provided concurrent training for his Soldiers the necessary guidance to ensure only the highest standards were kept.  His initiative, devotion to duty, sound judgment, and technical expertise were instrumental to the quality of service and support to the Combat Aviation Brigade.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK / NAME__’s diligent efforts in managing the food service operations, combined with his previous deployment and logistics experience, was depicted as essential while appointed as Contract Officer Technical Representative (COTR). __RANK / NAME__ was the Lead Contracting Officer Representative, while he and his team continually refined the process to improve supply accountability procedures within a Logistic Civil Augmentations Program (LOGCAP III) dining facility in support of the responsible drawdown of forces.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK / NAME__’s outstanding conceptualization and innate leadership contributed to his tireless efforts creating a climate of trust, motivation, and a high state of morale in his section and platoon. He worked painstakingly to accomplish the mission by providing mentoring and leadership to subordinates, and ensuring appropriate supervision was provided. His passion for his craft was evident during all preparations to ensure all Soldiers learned both the technical and tactical aspects of their Military Occupational Skill. 

ACHIEVEMENT #4 The leadership philosophy that __RANK / NAME__ displayed mirrored that of his superiors and was illustrated. He developed and implemented training focused on food distribution processes and accountability through countless meetings, dialogue and inventory management techniques. His leadership, knowledge, and drive allowed his NCO to win  the 1st ID Food Service NCO of the Quarter , _#_ QTR FY__ and his Soldier winning the Combat Aviation Food Service Cook of the Quarter, _#_ QTR FY__. 

PCS MSM Observer Coach Trainer

ACHIEVEMENT #1 __RANK / NAME__  distinguished himself through exceptionally superior service while serving as a Team NCOIC Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) assigned to _#_ Battalion, _#_ Infantry Regiment from __date__ to __date__. During this period, __RANK / NAME__ provided coaching and mentoring during collective training conducted by multiple maneuver, fires, and effects Reserve and National Guard units preparing to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 __RANK / NAME__ seized every opportunity to develop himself and others on the team. He completed the Stryker Leader course, Advanced Situational Awareness, Combat Life Saver Course, Army Basic Instructor Course and First Anny Academy for OC/T. Additionally, __RANK / NAME__ was hand selected by the Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major to serve on the battalion's Falcon Fitness Committee.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK / NAME__’s experience of leadership, and knowledge of infantry tactics, were instrumental in enhancing all Observer Coach/Trainer missions. __RANK / NAME__ served as a company and platoon OC/T for multiple light infantry and Stryker platoons with the _#- Stryker  Brigade, _#_ IN, _#_ IN, and _#_ IN. __RANK / NAME__ has a unique understanding of the battalion staff and was hand selected to support multiple Combat Support Training Exercises, and other unique OC/T missions.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 __RANK / NAME__'s contributions exceeded expectations. He created a certification process for the _#_ IN while conducting mobilization training at Fort _____, __. Additionally, __RANK / NAME__ was recognized by the leadership of the battalion and the training units for his  ability to facilitate relevant after action reviews, leading company's and platoons to self-discover strengths and weaknesses, thus increasing readiness.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 Sergeant First Class ______ served with honor in the _____ Parachute Infantry Regiment in the positions of Rifle Company Platoon Sergeant and Dismounted Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant.  He participated in eleven airborne operations, nine Joint Operational Access Exercises (JOAX), five SQD LFXs, four Intensive Training Cycles (ITC) to include platoon LFXs, five Deployment Readiness Exercises, and two Joint Readiness Training Center rotations.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SFC ______ mentored and assisted in graduating five Rangers, six Jumpmasters, seven Expert Infantryman's badges, and one 82nd Airborne Division Non-commissioned Officer of the quarter during his time in ___ Squadron, ___ Cavalry Regiment.  He routinely provided feedback, advice, and recommendations which aided in Troop and Squadron level operations.  SFC ______'s commitment to the success within the Squadron is a great testament to not only himself, but that of the senior Non-commissioned Officer Corps.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 A tested and proven leader in both combat and garrison environments, SFC ______ was selected over five peers as a Dismounted Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant.  He quickly implemented and refined standard operation procedures and techniques in order to prepare his scout platoon for a brigade Joint Operational Access Exercise (JOAX).  His reconnaissance expertise aided in successful short and long range surveillance operations.  SFC _____'s performance greatly contributed to _____ CAV's success during JOAX 13-01.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SFC _______ has the rare ability to make all those that he comes in contact with a better Paratrooper.  His understanding of tactics, professionalism, and commitment to excellence played a vital role in developing young Officers and Non-commissioned Officers within this Squadron.  Over the past three years, SFC ______mentored four platoon leaders, two company commanders, and over twenty team leaders through a Troop ran team leader academy.  SFC _____'s exceptional mentored prepared all Paratroopers for future service.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC _________ distinguished himself by exceptionally superior service serving as an Observer Coach/Mentor with ___ Battalion, ____ Infantry Regiment from _date_ to _date_. During this period SFC ________ has provided collective training to multiple Multi-service Combat Support and Combat Service Support (CS/CSS) Reserve and National Guard units preparing to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations. He has also served as an instructor for the First Army Academy at Camp Shelby Mississippi.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SFC ______ stood out amongst 200 Observer Coach/Mentors being recognized by the exercise branch chief for outstanding support during USARNORTH's Vibrant Response ___ exercise where multiple elements from the Department of Defense's Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Response Enterprise of ___ persons consisting of __ weapons of mass destruction civil support teams, __ Homeland response teams and the Federal Emergency Response Agency to confirm their operational and tactical capabilities.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SFC _______'s expertise in small arms, and crew served weapons marksmanship greatly enhanced a program of instruction where over ___ small arms live fire marksmanship ranges were executed and more than __ un-stabilized platform gunnery ranges were conducted resulting in of over 5,000 Service members from of all branches of the armed services being trained, ready, and capable to deploy in support of worldwide contingency operations.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SFC ________'s dedication to mission accomplishment contributed in the development and implementation of numerous Training Support Packages (TSP) for weapons marksmanship, un-stabilized platform gunnery and the EST 2000 system. These TSPs became the standard for all training within the Mobilization deployment timeline for non-combat MOS's from the AF, ARNG, Army Reserve, NA VY, and COAST GUARD, to ensure they were ready and capable to accomplish their war-time tasks when called upon.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC _________ volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom ____, where he served as a Tactical Mentor and Trainer for seven months. Assigned to National Training Mission Afghanistan (NTMA) out of Camp _______, Kabul, he embedded with an Afghan Anny training facility in order to train and certify combat readiness and deploy-ability of Afghan Anny units from ___ separate training centers. During his tenure with NTMA SFC _______ certified over 2,500 Afghan Army Soldiers.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SFC ________ seized all opportunities for professional development by completing Battle Staff, Equal Opportunity Leaders Course, First Anny Academy, Casualty Assistance Officer and Casualty Notification Officer Course, and the Combat Life Saver Courses. SFC _______'s dedication to mission accomplishment is evident in his support to Post Mobilization training where, as the OIC or RSO conducted over ___ small arms and crew served weapons ranges.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SFC ________'s experience and knowledge of infantry tactics, techniques and procedure greatly enhanced the Observer Coach Trainer (OC/T) mission. SFC ________ served as a Platoon OCIT for Scout Platoon' s, Sniper Sections and Cavalry Platoons during four exportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercises at Fort Picket, VA, Fort Indiantown Gap, PA, and twice at Fort Knox, KY. His Technical and Tactical expertise lead to the successful training of multiple specialty platoons, and aiding in developing SOPs.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SFC ________ has maintained high levels of personal readiness during his tenure at Fort _______. SFC _______ has consistently place in the top 5% of APFT scores within the Battalion maintaining an average of 285. In addition to his physical readiness SFC _______ has also completed over 90 college credit hours will receive Bachelors of __________ in ____ from _____ University with a GPA of _____.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC _________ expertise as an Infantryman served him well as an Observer Coach Trainer (OC/T). During his time as an OC/T, he was instrumental to the Battalion's success in training over 7,500 Soldiers in individual tasks ensuring the combat readiness and effectiveness of their units to complete their respective missions. While serving as an OC/T he also completed Crew Master Gunner course, Equal Opportunity Management Course, Master Resilience Training (MRT) Course, and the Unit Prevention Leader course.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SFC ______ was selected over __ of his peers to fill the position as Current Operations NCO in the Battalion S-3 Section due to his superior knowledge, expertise, and organization. He was responsible for producing weekly FRAGOs and ensuring that all the BN taskings were completed. He earned an impeccable reputation with the BDE Operations Sergeant Major for completion of all tasks on time and above standard. He was also the approving authority for the BN Defense Travel System, managing ten million dollars without any discrepancies.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SFC _______ served as the BN Operation Sergeant Major for 90 days; which resulted in 100% success rate for all internal and external missions, while providing outstanding advice to the BN Operations Officer. He aggressively battle tracked two Exportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercises at Fort Still, OK, and Fort Drum, New York. SFC ______ also served as the Battalion primary MRT instructor, he planned and instructed training on a monthly basis for __ Soldiers which increased the battalions resiliency as a whole.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SFC ________ has always maintained high levels of personal readiness during his tenure at Fort ______. He has consistently place in the top 10% of APFT scores within the Battalion maintaining an average of 290, completed the 12 mile footmarch under three hours, and twice completed a 35 Mile footmarch with the __ ID of the PAANG. He was also appointed to the Fitness Committee by BN Commander where he advised the Battalion Commander on ways to improve the Battalion's overall fitness level.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 As the Commander of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of ___IN, CPT ______________ deployed his company to Kuwait ISO Operation ___________. Due to the intensive training cycle leading to deployment his company seamlessly provided mission command nodes, sniper, medical, and reconnaissance support to two separate Ready Reaction Forces capable of deploying anywhere in the Middle East within 12 hours of notification, while simultaneously maintaining the Company and Platoon METLs.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 CPT ___________ planned and coordinated for a BN Validation Exercise (VALEX) of the Warrior Tasks and Drills (WTD). The VALEX was the first training event conducted during the deployment after RIP. CPT __________'s VALEX plan allowed for each company to train and execute testing on each WTD with trained and proficient trainers and evaluators. The VALEX set the conditions for future training ensuring that each soldier was proficient at their WTD before conducting collective training with their respective companies.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 Capitalizing on his previous experience CPT _______ developed a Program of Instruction (POI) for all disciplines of small arms marksmanship. His POI included Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM), Advanced Rifle Marksmanship (ARM), Pistol Marksmanship, basic and advanced Short Range Marksmanship (SRM), and Squad Designated Marksmanship training. CPT ________'s POI has been recognized by the BN CDR. DIV and BDE CSMs as training that should be conducted throughout the Division and BDE, and BN.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 CPT _________ served as the BN Pathfinder for the RRF. His knowledge of Air Assault Operations aided the Battalion Staff in Air Assault Planning for two separate NEOs. He developed SOPs for Sling Load of a 120mm Mortar ISO NEO missions to ensure that Mortars can be delivered ISO of the operation. As the BN Pathfinder he marked landing zones, provided PZ Control, Conducted Air Traffic Control for multiple aircraft during multiple lifts of RRF personnel and evacuees as well as coordinated for aerial CASEY AC.