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Army Achievement Medal

Sniper TRNG Rotation Impact

ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving in the company sniper team during ______ Company's ____ rotation _#_. __RANK / Name__ distinguished himself by expertly utilizing his sniper optics and Laser Target Locater Module to identify countless enemy positions, acquire accurate grids, and facilitate lethal call-for-fire missions which ultimately destroyed over _#_ enemy vehicles throughout the rotation.

Rifleman TRNG Rotation Impact

ACHIEVEMENT #1 ______________served exceptionally as a Stryker ICVV driver while assigned to ________ Company, ___ Battalion, ___ Infantry Regiment. Having never served on a Stryker crew, _______________quickly adapted to this new role and proved to be a valuable asset to his platoon. His ability to learn this new duty assignment and to teach other new drivers on the capabilities and PMCS of the Stryker, proved invaluable to the overall success of his platoon and company.

Company Rear Detachment Commander - SVC - AAM - Rotation

ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving as Bravo Company Rear Detachment Commander during NTC rotation 07-05, SSG ___ actively looked after the welfare of the Soldiers, their families, and the ongoing functions of the company. He was responsible for outprocessing five Soldiers, making liasons for three Red Cross message recipients, the accountability of 16 Soldiers and the company's sensitive items, and the refurbishment of the company.

Army Accommodation Medal


ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC ________'s expertise as an Infantryman was overwhelmingly evident in his duties as an Observer Coach Trainer (OC/T), while serving as a OC/T for ______IN. SFC ______ quickly developed a relationship with the three platoons executing a platoon attack live fire, coaching and training, team, squad and platoons leaders in the planning and execution of a platoon attack. SFC ________'s exemplary coaching and training abilities were commended by the ____BCT CDR, who specifically sought him out on the range to thank him for his work.