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Trainer-Mentor AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 _____________served exceptionally as a Stryker ICVV driver while assigned to ________ Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment. Having never served on a Stryker crew, _______________quickly adapted to this new role and proved to be a valuable asset to his platoon. His ability to learn this new duty assignment and to teach other new drivers on the capabilities and PMCS of the Stryker, proved invaluable to the overall success of his platoon and company.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _______________served as a Stryker ICVV driver through an intensive training cycle consisting of SQD, PLT, and CO STX and LFX, and while preparing for the BDE's GRF mission. __________'s hard work and dedication to duty during the preparation and execution of training exercises proved instrumental to the platoon's overwhelming success. ______________ ensured that all the platoon's Strykers remained fully mission capable throughout all training missions which directly contributed to the platoon's outstanding performance.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 ________ attended OPNET training for the Stryker ICVV as a driver and gunner during the "Raider" Brigade's stand-up period. ___________ conducted initial inventory of all his Stryker's Basic Issue Items when __________ Company was first assigned Stryker ICVVs and maintained accountability off all his assigned equipment. __________'s attention to detail was instrumental to the success of the platoon during the stand-up process of ____________ Company and throughout the initial training cycle.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 _____________ has determination for constant self-improvement. He took the initiative to study on his own time and never missed a learning opportunity. His vast array of duty positions and desire to learn led him to become a versatile and capable Soldier.