Electronic Warfare Specialist Awards


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Service Awards


ACHIEVEMENT #1 __ did an outstanding job in his/her short time with __ Company. As the Task Force Electronic Warfare Officer he/she assisted numerous ground units with improving their electronic warfare capabilities. He/She reviewed unit CONOPs requesting Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) and how units prepared to utilize airborne assets as well as the required request forms that accompany the use of AEA. He/She liaisoned with ___ shop civilians in outlying forward operating bases to see the obstacles that they faced by not being on a major base.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ___ briefed the battalion commander and staff on all issues dealing with EWO on a weekly basis. Through his/her efforts he/she was able to upgrade the systems on ___ vehicles rendering them safe to leave the FOB. He/She also developed and incorporated a 40 hour CREW class that trained Task Force Soldiers on electronic warfare capabilities. Additionally, he/she was able to liaison with the infantry QRF platoon to secure Guardian kits so that they would be protected in the event that they had to pull dismounted security off of the FOB.