Chemical Corps Awards


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Service Awards


ACHIEVEMENT #1 _______________'s exceptional performance while serving as the company Chemical Operations Specialist, greatly contributed to the serviceability and accountability of the unit's Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) equipment. He/She supervised the company’s 10 and 20 level maintenance and conducted CBRN training to ensure 100% mission readiness for equipment valued at $_____________.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ______________'s hard work and selfless service were directly responsible for ensuring containers were properly inventoried and packed for the unit's successful relocation from __________ to ___________. He/She assisted in the issue of Class I supplements for over 400 personnel. His/Her devotion helped the unit maintain 100% compliance with 24 consecutive reconciliations (RECONs).

ACHIEVEMENT #3 _____________ was selected by the company commander to be a member of the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) security force. He/She conducted intense training consisting of convoy operations, close combat reaction, and detainee and vehicle search operations, which led he/her crew to successfully certify with no deficiencies. His/Her diligence and poise as a gunner allowed his/her crew to continue successful missions on and off the base.