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SSG - MGS Vehicle Commander PCS-AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SGT __________ served exceptionally a MGS Vehicle Commander for _________ Company from ________ through ____________. Throughout his time with the company, SGT ________ performed the duties of a MGS vehicle operator and leader in the Headquarters Platoon in the utmost professional and expert manner. His hard work led the MGS Platoon in the outstanding maintenance and upkeep of the MGS Platoon vehicles and provided an example for other vehicle commanders to follow.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SGT ________ served with _______ Company through an intense training cycle which included MGS vehicle OPNET, Platoon STX and LFX, and Company STX and LFX. He diligently led his crew through MGS vehicle OPNET and afterwards played a vital role in backside support of four major collective training exercises as part of the Headquarters Platoon. SGT ________'s dedication to excellence ensured his crew's proficiency and allowed for the smooth operation of company level collective training.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SGT __________ willingly stepped outside the normal duties and responsibilities of a 19K MOS, learning to operate on a whole new vehicle platform and training a proficient crew. Working within an Infantry Company, SGT ________ provided knowledge on vehicle maintenance, property accountability, and crew drills from his experiences as a tank crewman. His hard work greatly supplemented the vehicle maintenance program and allowed the MGS Platoon to remain ready to perform.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 Eager to take on more responsibilities, SGT __________ played a key role in __________ CP operations to include battle tracking and monitoring essential reporting functions at Platoon STX, Platoon LFX, Company STX and CLFX. Even through his short time with _____________ Company SGT __________'s versatility allowed him to be an asset, greatly aiding in the Company's success throughout the training cycle.


For Soldiers 1

ACHIEVEMENT #1 During the Joint Operation Access Exercise (JOAX) date_____, in which ________ was a rifleman, he demonstrated exceptional tactical patience, exemplary performance and sound judgement. For only being in the unit for one month, he was among the first personnel to the assembly area and displayed the initiative by performing his assigned duty before his leadership arrived. He set the example of a true professional amongst his peers due to his unwavering resolve to complete the mission in adverse weather conditions.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ___________ reacted well in the various movement to contact drills on the way to Range __. He put the mission first and believed in it so much so that he sacrificed his body over concertina wire so that the objective could be reached by the rest of his platoon. His courage resulted in the accomplishment of the mission with great success. If not for his quick thinking and selfless service, the platoon would have lost the element of surprise putting the entire mission in jeopardy.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 Since ________ has been in the unit, he has eagerly and earnestly taken advantage of opportunities for growth. He has constantly been reading manuals and inquiring about different techniques and procedures. In the field, he has been able to properly apply the knowledge he gained in the short period of time with great success. He has the tactical maturity of a paratrooper who has participated in multiple JOAX's even though this was your first one.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 ___________  lived the Warrior Ethos by placing the mission first. He set the example for his peers to emulate by meticulously maintaining his assigned weapon system and ensuring that he was able to perform a mission at a moments notice. His attention to detail and committment to keeping himself and his weapon mission capable allowed his squad to receive high praises from his chain of command.

For Soldiers 2

ACHIEVEMENT #1 ______________served exceptionally as a Stryker ICVV driver while assigned to ________ Company, ___ Battalion, ___ Infantry Regiment. Having never served on a Stryker crew, _______________quickly adapted to this new role and proved to be a valuable asset to his platoon. His ability to learn this new duty assignment and to teach other new drivers on the capabilities and PMCS of the Stryker, proved invaluable to the overall success of his platoon and company.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 ________________served as a Stryker ICVV driver through an intensive training cycle consisting of SQD, PLT, and CO STX and LFX, and while preparing for the BDE's GRF mission. __________'s hard work and dedication to duty during the preparation and execution of training exercises proved instrumental to the platoon's overwhelming success. ______________ ensured that all the platoon's Strykers remained fully mission capable throughout all training missions which directly contributed to the platoon's outstanding performance.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 _________ attended OPNET training for the Stryker ICVV as a driver and gunner during the "Raider" Brigade's stand-up period. ___________ conducted initial inventory of all his Stryker's Basic Issue Items when __________ Company was first assigned Stryker ICVVs and maintained accountability off all his assigned equipment. __________'s attention to detail was instrumental to the success of the platoon during the stand-up process of ____________ Company and throughout the initial training cycle.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 _____________ has determination for constant self-improvement. He took the initiative to study on his own time and never missed a learning opportunity. His vast array of duty positions and desire to learn led him to become a versatile and capable Soldier.

Team Leader 2

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SGT ________ demonstrated his potential and outstanding ability to exceed the standards at the team leader position. By setting an example for both his peers and leaders to follow, throughout Squad and Company Live Fires. Because of SGT _______'s leadership, mentoring, professionalism, and his personal efforts help made the squad a success.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SGT _______ performed superbly as a team leader during the Squad Live Fire. He maintained a high level of motivation, which was evident in his fire team's performance during evaluations. His exceptional skills and never quit attitude were an asset to the squad. Through his leadership style and always leading from the front, his team was able to successfully flank the objective and take out the enemy.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SGT _______ prepared and executed both classroom and field training that better prepared his soldiers for their responsibilities within his team. His standards during pre-combat checks ensured 100% of his teams equipment was serviceable and accounted for before, during, and after training.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SGT _______ displayed an high level of competence and professionalism while serving as a fire team leader of 1st Squad Alpha team. As a team leader he was responsible for the welfare, training, and accountability of his team. As a result of his actions SGT ______'s team and squad was recognized by the Battalion Commander for excellence during the company live fire.

Squad Leader 1 PCS-AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SSG ______ has distinguished himself among his peers as an extremely talented weapons squad leader while assigned to ________ Company, ____ IN. SSG ______ greatly contributed to the success of squad STX, platoon STX, ___ Stryker Gunneries, ___ field training exercises, and ___ live-fire exercises. His commitment to the mission and the unit produced outstanding results that were commended by both the company commander and first sergeant.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SSG ______ held the Platoon Sergeant duty position for ___ Platoon, ____ Company for __ month(s) during NTC OPFOR rotation; he displayed talent above his grade by producing an efficient and lethal platoon. In the lead up to NTC OPFOR, SSG _____ planned, resourced, and developed a squad training plan that successfully prepared his squad to complete any training or mission above ______ Company's highest expectations.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SSG _______ is a superior performer as an NCO and has displayed absolute loyalty to the unit. He used his knowledge and experience to coach and mentor ___ soldiers in the platoon to successfully compete in and win the Battalion Soldier of the Month board; SSG _____ also prepared and sponsored ___ soldiers to attempt the NCO promotion board, resulting in the selection of all ___ soldiers to advance to the next level of leadership.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving outside his normal duties as the primary Brigade Planner during OPERATION FRIENDSHIP Ill, CPT ________ was directly responsible for the achievement of both the training and partnership objectives of the mission. He exceeded his duties by not only developing orders and plans at the division level, but also by serving u a ground to air liaison during the culminating training event, and was directly responsible for its success; as well u playing an integral role in the success of the entire partnership mission.

Observer Coach Trainer OC/T

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SSG _______'s hard work and dedication as a Master Gunner during OPERATION, UNIT gunnery has set the conditions for their successful upcoming rotation at the National Training Center. He worked tirelessly to ensure all conditions were set to maximize each crews training opportunities. His ability to coach, train, and mentor has prepared over fifty Stryker crews during OPERATION, ensuring each crew was prepared for the National Training Center, and future real world operations.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 While assigned as an Observer, Coach, Trainer (OC/T) for the UNIT, BRIGADE, SSG ______ enhanced the readiness of two National Guard Brigades (OPERATION). SSG ________ was responsible for ensuring Bravo Company BN and BN were combat ready through training and evaluation of multiple iterations of Company, Troop and Platoon STX and Live Fire lane training. He consistently performed his duties in a professional manner that was acknowledged by the training units leadership.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SSG _____ provided expert guidance and feedback by way of six Instrumented After Action Reviews and numerous AARs. SSG _______'s feedback resulted in an overall increase in the training units level of proficiency. As part of a 2 man OC/T team for Bravo Company Unit (Operation), SSG ________ utilized doctrine and his high level of experience to train/ evaluate Company/ Platoon collective raining which include; Company Attack and Defense; Platoon Attack, Defense and Raid (AASLT) with outstanding success.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SFC _______'s demonstrated exceptional dedication to the Training Units success for both Truck and Stryker Gunnery certification by fully supporting the development and execution of Gunnery Target engagements and Vehicle Crew Evaluator scoring for both D Co, UNIT, BDET and E TRP, UNIT, BDET.  His superior ability to coach and mentor vehicle gunnery crews enabled the training units to achieve a Table VI Gunnery Crew Certification

ACHIEVEMENT #5 SFC ________'s superior experience and knowledge of both Infantry and Cavalry tactics proved crucial to the successful execution of OPERATION lanes at Fort Picket, VA for D Co, UNIT, BDE and the entire UNIT maneuver lanes located separately at POST, ST.  His ability to transition between both mounted and dismounted skill sets at the Company and Platoon echelons was seamless and supported outstanding training for the Training Units as well as facilitated valuable AARs.

ACHIEVEMENT #6 SFC ______'s superior performance as the Battalion Unit Movement Officer was critical for the overall success for both deployments and re-deployments of the BN in support of OPERATION. His ability to create detailed movement planning while expertly forecasting the BN's needs ensured that critical BN equipment was available for OC/Ts for conduct of OPERATION operations.  SFC ______ served a consecutive 48 days as the single point of success for the movement planning and execution for the entire BN.

ACHIEVEMENT #7  SFC ______'S demonstrated exceptional dedication to the Training Units success for both Truck and Stryker Gunnery certification by fully supporting the development and execution of Gunnery Target engagements and Vehicle Crew Evaluator scoring for both D Co, UNIT, BDE and E TRP, UNIT, BDE.  His superior ability to coach and mentor vehicle gunnery crews enabled the training units to achieve a Table VI Gunnery Crew Certification

ACHIEVEMENT #8 SSG ______ demonstrated outstanding performance during the preparation and execution of OPERATION and XCTC 14-01. SSG _________'s  tireless work ethic, knowledge, guidance, and attention to detail ensured success by providing all required mission support for both the Battalion Command, Staff, and Observer Coach Trainers(OC/Ts) within the unit. SSG _______ singlehandedly prepared over 50 sets of DTS travel orders , ensuring that each member of the battalion traveled under proper documentation. 

ACHIEVEMENT #9  SSG _____ demonstrated due diligence to the UNIT Infantry Battalion prior to mission execution through detailed planning of mission requirements ensuring all Battalion Headquarters equipment was properly prepared, inventoried, and packed for movement. His actions directly contributed to an efficient, well established TOC and a Headquarters section that was always able to support the Battalion's OC/Ts.

ACHIEVEMENT #10  SSG ______ displayed a high level of competence and professionalism while serving as the Battalion Tactical Operations Center Noncommissioned Officer. He was responsible for maintaining continuous accountability, and reporting to the command to maintain the mission readiness of the unit, executing this mission without fail. His actions as Tactical Operations Center Noncommissioned Officer allowed all Observer Coach Trainers within the unit to maintain mission focus thus enhancing their ability to train partnered units.

ACHIEVEMENT #11 As an Observer Coach/Trainer for the 0-000IN, 000IN BDE, SFC Xxxxx executed mentorship and doctrinal training on a high personal level which enabled the rotational units to achieve great understanding of tasks and overall mission success during OPERATION. His ability to coach, train, and mentor, enabled the training unit to successfully complete all required tasks, setting the conditions  for a future rotation at the National Training Center and future real world missions.