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For Soldiers

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Junior Leaders

SSG - MGS Vehicle Commander PCS-AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SGT __________ served exceptionally a MGS Vehicle Commander for _________ Company from ________ through ____________. Throughout his time with the company, SGT ________ performed the duties of a MGS vehicle operator and leader in the Headquarters Platoon in the utmost professional and expert manner. His hard work led the MGS Platoon in the outstanding maintenance and upkeep of the MGS Platoon vehicles and provided an example for other vehicle commanders to follow.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SGT ________ served with _______ Company through an intense training cycle which included MGS vehicle OPNET, Platoon STX and LFX, and Company STX and LFX. He diligently led his crew through MGS vehicle OPNET and afterwards played a vital role in backside support of four major collective training exercises as part of the Headquarters Platoon. SGT ________'s dedication to excellence ensured his crew's proficiency and allowed for the smooth operation of company level collective training.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SGT __________ willingly stepped outside the normal duties and responsibilities of a 19K MOS, learning to operate on a whole new vehicle platform and training a proficient crew. Working within an Infantry Company, SGT ________ provided knowledge on vehicle maintenance, property accountability, and crew drills from his experiences as a tank crewman. His hard work greatly supplemented the vehicle maintenance program and allowed the MGS Platoon to remain ready to perform.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 Eager to take on more responsibilities, SGT __________ played a key role in __________ CP operations to include battle tracking and monitoring essential reporting functions at Platoon STX, Platoon LFX, Company STX and CLFX. Even through his short time with _____________ Company SGT __________'s versatility allowed him to be an asset, greatly aiding in the Company's success throughout the training cycle.

Senior Leaders

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