Achievement Awards



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Rifleman TRNG Exercise

ACHIEVEMENT #1 PFC ________ demonstrated competence and outstanding ability as a combat lifesaver during _________. When approaching an unconscious paratrooper on OBJ ____, PFC ________ immediately began buddy-aid procedures that may have saved PFC ________'S life. Because of his calm demeanor, professionalism, and his personal efforts PFC ________ was able to receive medical aid in a timely manner.

ACHIEVEMENT #2PFC ________ performed superbly as a newly assigned M240B machine gunner during the Machine Gun Leaders Course. He maintained a high level of motivation, which was evident in his gun team's performance during evaluations. His exceptional skills and never quit attitude were an asset to the squad.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 PFC ________ has been one of the most consistently energetic, talented, and motivated Soldiers I have ever worked with. He frequently works with fellow new Soldiers familiarizing them with SOP's and tactics. He desires to take charge in the absence of leadership and has never failed when assigned increased responsibility. Standout Soldier.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as a machine gunner. Qualified expert on his weapon day and night during the Machine Gunner Leader's Course.

Team Leader TRNG Exercise

ACHIEVEMENT #1 SGT ________ demonstrated his potential and outstanding ability to exceed the standards at the team leader position. By setting an example for both his peers and leaders to follow, throughout Platoon STX Lanes and Platoon Live Fires. Because of SGT ________'s leadership, mentoring, professionalism, and his personal efforts help made the squad a success.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 SGT ________performed superbly as a team leader during his first ever Squad Live Fire. He maintained a high level of motivation, which was evident in his fire team's performance during evaluations. His exceptional skills and never quit attitude were an asset to the squad.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 SGT ________ prepared and executed both classroom and field training that better prepared his soldiers for their responsibilities within his team. His standards during pre-combat checks ensured 100% of his teams equipment was serviceable and accounted for before, during, and after training.

ACHIEVEMENT #4 SGT ________ displayed an high level of competence and professionalism while serving as a fire team leader of 1st Squad Bravo team. As a team leader he was responsible for the welfare, training, and accountability of his team. As a result of his actions SGT ________'s team and squad was recognized by the Battalion Sergeant Major for excellence during the platoon live fire.


92Y - ACH - AAM

ACHIEVEMENT #1 ________ distinguished herself/himself through her/his excellent performance while conducting the Company's change of command in __Date__. Through her/his hard work and organizational skills, _________ ensured the change of command inventories were thorough, all shortages accounted for, and the incoming commander remained well informed. _________ assumed the responsibilities of the Supply NCO while the former Supply NCO transitioned out of the Army.

ACHIEVEMENT #2 _RANK & Name__ consistently demonstrates commitment, initiative, and work ethic above her/his peers. Through her/his selfless desire to improve the company and the effectiveness of its Soldiers, __RANK & Name__ spent hours of her/his weekend personal time to requisition essential supplies from a deploying company. __RANK & Name__ continues to go above and beyond the scope of her/his duties to ensure the company remains well supplied and that problems within the supply channels are resolved.

ACHIEVEMENT #3 __RANK & Name__ vigorously accepted the challenge of acting as both Company Supply NCO and Clerk. Her/His attention to detail and ability to learn quickly has allowed her/him to take on responsibilities well above her/his pay grade. __RANK & Name__'s interpersonal skills have created working relationships with other companies across the Brigade and has directly increased the influence and effectiveness of _______ Company. 


ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC ________'s expertise as an Infantryman was overwhelmingly evident in his duties as an Observer Coach Trainer (OC/T), while serving as a OC/T for ______IN. SFC ______ quickly developed a relationship with the three platoons executing a platoon attack live fire, coaching and training, team, squad and platoons leaders in the planning and execution of a platoon attack. SFC ________'s exemplary coaching and training abilities were commended by the ____BCT CDR, who specifically sought him out on the range to thank him for his work.


ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving outside his normal duties as the primary Brigade Planner during OPERATION FRIENDSHIP Ill, CPT ________ was directly responsible for the achievement of both the training and partnership objectives of the mission. He exceeded his duties by not only developing orders and plans at the division level, but also by serving u a ground to air liaison during the culminating training event, and was directly responsible for its success; as well u playing an integral role in the success of the entire partnership mission.